Danson & Chun In Malaysia VI

Friday, June 01, 2007

Today will be posting about Danson & Chun at Jalan Alor on the 26th May, Saturday, at around 8.30pm for the 8864 e-news exclusive show. Before I start, there are more pictures of Danson & Chun during the 'fans meeting' session and the autograph session. Credits to the Only Fahrenheit Forum members...

'Fans Meeting' Session pictures~

Autograph Session pictures~

Actually there are more pictures to share with.. But I think these pictures is more than enough liao ba~ Cause all roughly is the same.. Hehe~ Ok.. At around 8.30pm on the 26th May, Saturday, the 8864 e-news host, Gary, brought Danson and Chun to Jalan Alor for the exclusive programme where they get to eat lotsa Malaysian foods. Jalan Alor is a street where situated lotsa different kinds of Malaysian foods. Enough talkings from me. Now for the pictures~ (ps. sorry for the blurry pics cos I'd resized it)

Look at their reaction when they saw lotsa delicious Malaysian delicacies~

From this picture can see that Jalan Alor that night must be full of crowds. Why? Cause Danson & Chun was there and for sure lotsa people wanna have a chance to see them rite? =)

Due to Chun is from Brunei, so kinda know more about Malaysia.. After telling Danson about one of the Ipoh's delicacy, "怡保芽菜雞" ( not sure bout the real name but I think the food contains sprout and chicken =P) の history, he'd also chopped the chicken own his own~ Seems pro eh?

Chun saw the Bak Kua stall, and also highly recommended the Malaysia's specialty, Lobster Bak Kua.. Before they leave the stall, each of them bought around 1kg of the Lobster Bak Kua as souvenir~

Chun saw the nice-smell satay.. and asked the tau-ke-niu (who is a Malay), "Ini sudah boleh makan?" Danson also got one to try while Chun didn't care about his idol image and quickly puts them into his mouth~ Lols

Danson tried a little bit of the curry laksa, immediately wrinkled his eyebrow and said, "Wah, so spicy!" while Chun who'd used to eat those curry stuffs yet said, "No rasa" Lols~ Poor Danson~

During the whole route, Danson sometimes took out his w900i checked his calls, and also took some pictures with Chun~

That's for the pictures.. Now for the news recorded by me just now during the 8864 e-news. So, today will have clip only and no pictures.. Sorry for that~ =) It's about Danson & Chun on the 26th-27th May~ (ps. the front part got bit of not clear.. sorry again for that..)

That's all from me now today.. Oh ya, this exclusive show on Danson & Chun at Jalan Alor will be on air at 8 June, Friday, 4.25pm at 8tv~ Gee.. I can't watch!!! (>.<) Tomorrow will posting about Danson and Chun at the massage centre and more news about Danson & Chun at Jalan Alor~ Chaozzz...


Found a clearer clip about today's 8864 e-news.. Enjoy~

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