Danson & Chun In Malaysia VII

Saturday, June 02, 2007

On the first day when Danson and Chun arrived in Malaysia, after the 988 interview all those activities, Danson & Chun went to a massage centre to have a relaxation~ Below is the news report about them in the massage centre. Thanks to Tiffany aka tiffon for the transalation...

KL report,27 May:Yesterday Chun had a signing event in Malaysia, there were more than 8000 fans from all over the world attending.

However, the real lucky person who had 'skin contact' with him are not the hardworking fans, but the female massager who 'made use of work to enjoy this privilege' and touched him all over his strong body~ The female massager not only can touch, but also can 'take', after massaging for 90 minutes, she earned a 100 Ringgit, which is quite worth it.

Yesterday Chun and Danson promoted for Hana Kimi, attracting many fans to follow throughout closely, speeding to give chase, Chun eating dinner also requires 12 bodyguard to accompany.

The massage trip the night before, the bodyguard also showed off their turning rounds to shake off the fans, abandon the cars to walk another small path, in order to let him arrive smoothly. The moment Chun and Danson stepped into the massage shop, the massagers keep mumbling and praising, "That two handsome young guys are so cute" Danson's massager even praised, "skinny Danson is very easy to massage."

When Chun's massager heard that, she also quickly jumped in to defend her own customer, "Mine this body build also very good." Seeing Chun being massage until his hair was a tad messy, his eyes tightly closed, his lips slightly apart, seems to be extremely comfortable.

Danson who was massaging for the first time is suspected to be 'molested', being strongly massage at the sensitive inner side of his thighs, when he rejected and say it will be ticklish, the massager said seductively instead, "Is this comfortable?"

Lian He Wan Bao

Gee~ Poor Danson~ My poor Danson~ (>.<) Anyway, how I wish I'm the female massager~ kakaka~ *evil smile* Opps~ lol~ Ok.. Enough dreaming.. After this massage centre news, below is the news about Danson and Chun at Jalan Alor~ Thanks to Starylosophy @ soompi for translating~

Chun and Danson was at Jalan Alor to film a food variety programme. Chun who had been to Malaysia for about 5 to 6 times became a tour guide introducing local Malaysia food to him! 3 years ago, Chun tasted lobster barbequed meat (aka Bak Kua) and fell in love with it. Early in the morning he stated "I want to buy barbequed meat!"

So what did the both of them ate in an hour?
1. Satay
2. Beansprout chicken
3. Hokkien noodles (Prawn noodles)
4. Char Kuey Teow (Fried noodles in dark sweet sauce)
5. Lobster barbequed meat
6. Laksa (Noodles in curry gravy)
7. Chendol (dessert)
8. 6 flavoured dessert
9. Red Bean Biscuit (aka Tau Sar Piah)

Q1. What is most unforgettable food/snack you've eaten?
DT: Satay and Chendol.
WC: Lobster barbequed meat.

Q2. How do you feel about Malaysia?
DT: There are colourful buildings, there are alot of races and the languages are interesting.
WC: I'm very happy to interact with the media and fans.

Q3. The most unforgettable malay word?
DT: It's very difficult to learn, because it's not like English whereby we can pronounce by it's phonetics. I've learnt Aku Cintamu (Chun then teached another word 'Sedap' on the spot!)
WC: Brunei's national language is about the same as Malaysia, but when we
speak Chinese, we normally add some Malay, like I'm very sayangmu.

Source: Chinapress

This news is together with the post that I posted yesterday about them at Jalan Alor. Guess that's all from me now!! Next post will be about Danson & Chun at the KLIA on the 27th May, where Chun is going back to Brunei while Danson is back to Taipei~ Take care everyone~

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