Danson & Joe in Malaysia VIII

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Conclude everything up for easier linking. But before that, in this post I wanna thanks alot of people... friends from mydanson for giving me such a great opportunity for me to meet these two handsome guys. And also my beloved Him, for accompany me throughout the whole activity, for willing to wait for me when He need to be alone outside waiting where He's not allow to enter the meet the fans session. Thanks alot~ ** muaks **

Now, for easier linking...

On the 26th June, Thursday...
1.40pm - Danson & Joe arrived at KLIA from Taipei~
4.45pm - On the way to Summit, Batu Pahat. Stopped at one store to buy some goodies back
5.08pm - Reached Batu Pahat, having their dinner
8++pm - Autograph session in Summit, Batu Pahat
9.21pm - Autograph session ended and on the way to KL

On the 27th June, Friday...
10.30am - The press conference
12.00pm - Conference ended and back to their hotel, One World Hotel~
12.30pm - Leaved One World Hotel and on their way to Astro
12.55pm - Reached Astro. Recorded for the entertainment news, 娱乐e点 and also interview for myfm radio. For video clip for myfm radio click HERE~
4.45pm - Meeting fans session in The Summit, USJ =)
7.43pm - Autograph session in The Summit, USJ
9.24pm - Autograph session ended and they were having their dinner

On the 28th, Saturday...
1.00pm - On their way to KLIA
1.45pm - Departed to Taipei and the end of They Kiss Again Malaysia Promo Tour...

More updates will be update asap when they were uploaded~ =)

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