Danson & Chun In Malaysia III

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Shocked cause I updated early today? Haha~ Actually later I'll be busy so I updated early today. So, after the press conference, they went to one of the Berjaya Times Square's main entrance, attended the autograph session.

Oh well, two handsome guys at Times Square having autograph session, of course they're lotsa fans there waiting for their arrival and wish to meet them!! Can say that the place was crowded and kinda hot. Although I'm not there, but when see the pictures, I also can feel the heat!! Haha~ Ok.. less talking more pictures....

This picture I think the reporter took it before the press conference ba~

The view at Times Square~ Full of people and is so crowded...

There were also fans club member there!! If I'm there ah.. I'll be sitting here supporting too!! Haha~

The activity started around 4++pm, Danson came out first with his two song, 最爱还是你, Zui Ai Hai Shi Ni, and 专署天使, Zuan Shu Tian Shi... Heard from friends that he sing very well!! I wanna hear!!! (>.<)

Later on Chun came out, then had a conversation with Gary, the host. After that, two lucky girls got to play...

... basketball with them...

... and get themselves a signed by Danson & Chun ball!! (>.<) Envy~

After all of it, all the fans were waiting for this... Autograph session!!

Where they signed the Hanakimi DVD and the Hanakimi poster!!

The DVD and poster was specially designed!! Got Danson & Chun de handsome face!! Ee!!!!

Danson & Chun with the fans~

Thanks to vel for sharing this picture with me!! Signed Hanakimi DVD!!!

Not forgetting the newspaper report... But...

... how can the reporter said that?! Danson was already a famous one ok?

Last night after the Hanakimi episode 3, of course they're news about Danson & Chun in Malaysia. Did captured some... Among these pictures, I love this pic alot!!! And to watch the live news about the autograph session, click here.

Danson with his cute cute face!! Loving it so mucchyyy!!!

The actual news where I captured those pictures~

Lastly, some clips recorded by some of the fans there. That's all from me today. Tomorrow will post some pictures and videos about them during the 'fans meeting session'!! Take care everyone~

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