Danson & Chun In Malaysia V

Thursday, May 31, 2007

I'm back again today~ Hehe.. (^.^) Now, I'll be posting about Danson & Chun in the gym on the 26th May, after the press conference, 'fans meeting' session, and autograph session. Tomorrow will be posting about Danson & Chun went to Jalan Alor with Gary for the 8864 e-news exclusive programme.

Before I start of, posting more pictures during the press conference... Actually these pictures were taken by me on the newspaper. That one is the blur version. This is the clearer version...

Both handsome Danson...

... & Chun~

During the press conference...

Pictures... Pictures...

... and more pictures!!!

During the 'ice breaking' ceremony!!

... and got out the Hanakimi poster out from the ice~

That was about the press conference. Below will be the pictures about Danson & Chun in the gym. In gym, of course did some gym-ing la.. Haha~ Since they got some free time, they took this opportunity and went to the gym for around and hour~

Chun & Danson in the gym...

... lifting the dumbells~

Can see that when Chun gym-ing, his muscle is so obvious.. (o.O)

Chun was shocked...

... because Danson suddenly touched Chun's stomach muscle~ Haha~

After pictures, here comes the video. Below was the news about them in the gym~

I guess that's all about this gym-ing post. Lastly, took some pictures and recorded the video about the 8864 e-news today after the Hanakimi episode 6. Thanks Anne for helping me to record.. =) Take care everyone~

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