Danson & Chun in Malaysia IV

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Did some info mistakes these few days. Actually on the 26th May, Saturday, Danson & Chun attended the press conference in the morning, followed by the 'fans meeting session' which I'll post about it today, then later on is the autograph session at around 4++pm. After that, if I'm not mistaken, they went to the gym first then later on followed by the 8864 e-news special episode where the host, Gary, brought them to Jalan Alor at 8.30pm. This two will be post next time. =)

Before I continue the 'fans meeting session' post, there's more clips recorded by fans during the autograph session...

Danson singing 最爱还是你, Zui Ai Hai Shi Ni, for more click here~

Danson singing 专属天使, Zuan Shu Tian Shi, for more click

Danson and Chun leaved Times Square~ Only car~ Can't see them

Now for the 'fans meeting session' which host by 8tv and where some of the lucky fans got to meet them personally and got chance to ask them questions~ This session is an 8tv's exclusive session~

Funny conversation between them...
Danson: You actually don't know how to sing my "Zui Ai Hai Shi Ni"?
Even Jiro also know ah!
Chun: You didn't even give me your CD!
Danson: You come to my room and get from me tonight.

Being ambiguous.. Danson's "sunbathe" robust chest muscle, made Danson himself couldn't bear to touch it a while.. Chun saw it then touched Danson's arm...

Wondering what did Chun said to Danson? Anyone knows?

Hm... What did Danson did until Chun can laugh till like that huh?

That's the only pictures that I'd got for the 'fans meeting session'. Just only a few because 8tv not allowed fans to take pictures and record it during the whole session. And below is the news about the 'fans meeting session'...

Guess that's all for this post. Next post will be about Danson and Chun in gym~

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