Danson & Chun In Malaysia II

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Well~ Well~ Well~ Waiting for me to update my blog eh? Hehe~ So, today I'll post up some of the pictures and video link on the 26th May, Saturday where they're having the press conference. The autograph session at Berjaya Times Square pictures and videos will be post tomorrow~ Hehe...

So, I'll stop talking and let the pictures do the talkings~ Below are the press conference pictures...

Signing the posters~ Guess what I'd found out?

Danson is left handed!!

Each of them received flowers during the press confrence...

... and also the "ice breaking" event, wishing the Hanakimi ratings will be good~ Sure it will!!

Taking photo session~

Chun oh Chun~ (>.<)

Lovely Chun & the sweetest Danson!! Ee~ Both so handsome!!!

Not forgetting the newspaper pictures~

Overall view~

... and the closer ones~

During the 'ice breaking' ceremony~

And below is the pictures that I captured yesterday during the 8864 e-news mentioning about Danson & Chun during the press conference. If you wanna watch the news about the press conference, click here.

The actual news where I captured the pictures~

Guess that's all from me today~ Next post will be posting about the autograph session at Berjaya Times Square. There will be lotsa pictures, clips and videos!! Take care everyone!!


Below is the 988 radio station interview on the 25th May, last Friday!! Thanks to Ewen~ Enjoy!!

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