CNY Preparation III

Monday, January 29, 2007

Another sunny+windy day today with a tired and obedient little princess here. v(^.^)v Woke up early today to helped out at dad's cafe today. So, now I'll will be introducing and promoting this today....

My dad's cafe aka Place Cafe

Yeap~ Mummy started to sell those dried/kolok noodles since yesterday so she asked me to helped out from morning till my dad reached cafe. Place Cafe, which is situated at North Yu Seng Rd, where the block is in front of the Mega Hotel, same block with Eon Bank, opposite Ming's Cafe and also Perwira.Introducing some of mummy's noodles and foods... Yummy~ Yummy~

Dried Mee = Kolok Mee = Kampua

Dried Mee Pok = Kolok Mee Pok

Mum cook this too~ A donno what soup with veggies and some of the pig's inner organs!! Nice~

That's just a little part of it. Then when my dad arrive at cafe, you can order anything you wish to eat. Almost anything. My dad is a certified cook. I love his cook's foods. Got fried noodles all those thingies la, sea cucumber soup la, meats la, sea foods la.. All very very nice. (^.^) No regrets when coming. Remember, please come ya?! The foods and us awaits you.. *wink*

Ok. That's for the advertising part. Today I made cookies for chinese new year again. Not the seaweed snacks nor the 'kuih mo mo' . This time is this....

It's chocolate, as in dark chocolate dough. Flour mixed with butter and margarine, lemon juice, soda bicarbonate, chocolate powder, caster sugar and chest nuts. After that, you moult it to make this~

Shit!!! Haha~ No la... actually is this....

A chocolate chip cookies~

These cookies are sweet and nice. I ate some of these today specially those just baked chocolate chip cookies. Now you understand why my sore throat still not yet fully recovered? Haha!! Dang~ Needa control control!!! =P

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