Soi Soi Day

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Gee!!! My pc was in the hospital from last night till just now. Soi day yesterday. Thanks to the power supplier!! (o.O) But at least my pc now is back at it's own good graces and thank GOD I can online and blogging now. Last night sucks alot without my pc. Haha. I did this in my car yesterday...

Camwhoring again~ Opps.. not so clear

This one much better (^.^)

Nothing much happened this two days. Didn't bake any cookies nor cakes cause not enough margarine so went out these two days to buy more ingredients and also stuffs for mummy. Mummy planned to sell dried noodles in the morning at dad's cafe there. So everyone, please give me face and go there eat wor~ During noon or night also can go there eat!! My parents cooking skills are good marvelous!! I can guarantee you guys. Once again, the cafe, Place Cafe, is located at the North Yu Seng Rd, the block in front of Mega Hotel, same block with the Eon Bank, opposite Perwira and also Ming's Cafe.

Today I bought this too!! To beauty up my looks or more specific, my hair!!! It's a crystalline hair band that cost me RM19++ after the 20% discount at Servay.


So, what do you think?

Guess that's all from me now. Nothing much interesting happened ba~ Haha. Oh yaya!! Before I forget, I needa sells all of these out....

Form 6 reference books

Yeah! All of the above expect the blue biology book is all for sale!! Anyone interested?

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