CNY Preparation II

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Today, another day busying about chinese new year preparation which is making cookies or cakes. Oh well, feel very very exhausted and sleepy actually. Today is also not a very good day cause my flu got worst and I keep on sneezing the whole day!! (o.O) Ok. That's not the main thing. Guess what I we as in me and my grandma baked today....

Eh, wrong picture!! That's the look when the rolled dough is ready to be put in into the oven

Yeah, this!! 'Kuih mo mo'

Yeap!! It's called 'kui mo mo'. Sorry cause I donno the name in English nor Malay. Can anyone tell me how to call this 'kuih mo mo' in English or Malay? Oh well, spent the whole day mixing, dough-ing and 'mo' it into the sphere shape. At first, Dang!! I got a very hard time to roll or 'mo' it into the sphere shape. But as I 'mo' and 'mo', hmm.. I'm becoming 'mo'-ing pro liao~ Haha!!

But still, 'mo' the dough to a sphere shape not only kinda hard, it takes lotsa time too!!! I think some other day we make 'kuih mo mo''s relative, 'kuih fang fang', which is mroe easier to be 'fang' it!! Kekeke!! What's 'kuih fang fang' you may ask? Well, the founder of this 'kuih fang fang' is me!! Haha!! Let you all have look how 'kuih fang fang' looks like....

Haha!! It's in a cube shape. People name the sphere dough 'kuih mo mo' because we need 'mo' it into the sphere shape. I call the cube dough 'kuih fang fang' because I needa 'fang' the dough into cube shape. So that's why I name it 'kuih fang fang'!! Cool eh?! Haha!! So next time we got more cakes and cookies to make and to serve to our family and friends during the upcoming chinese new year. =P

When 'kuih mo mo' met 'kuih fang fang'

Hehe. Guess that's all from me today. For those who want the ingredients and also the recipe for this 'kuih mo mo' or 'kuih fang fang', just let me know ya?! Chaooozzzzzzzzz~~

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