Chinese New Year Celebration I

Sunday, February 18, 2007

First of all, Happy Chinese New Year to everyone who is celebrating it. Yeah~ It's cny and I get to wear all the new clothes and let everyone taste the chinese new year cookies that I made. Haha~ Hmm.. There's nothing much happened today. Last night's fireworks was great. This year my family din get to play the firecrackers cause mummy scare got JPJ come~ Too bad.. (>.<) But it's still ok for me cause I still get to watched all the nice, big and colourful fireworks around my neighbourhood. Took some of the fireworks pictures last night using my phone's camera. Sorry if the quality is not so good enough. This year's fireworks last for aroung 30++ minutes non-stop. Nice~

Nice eh?! Not so bad I think. I din caption it due to my laziness and donno-wat-to-write-ness. =P So, today is the first day of the chinese new year celebration. First day of chinese new year celebration was visitation to relatives houses. Today I just get to visit one of the houses only. Don't know why. So, tomorrow will continue visit the other relatives houses. And tomorrow my family will be celebrating 79th birthday for my grandpa. His birthday will be on the 3rd of cny but we celebrating it early this year. ^^ Can't wait till tomorrow cause everyone will be coming to my house. Ee~ The feeling will be so great!!

Lastly, some pictures of me for today... Enjoy~

The overall look of me today

The closer look~ Opps.. Too bright..

This one abit too dark again... (-.-'')

A nice and sweet smile.. =)

The non-specs version.. Look at how dark my eyes are~ (o.O)

I just can't stop camwhoring~ =P

Ok. That's all from me today. Don't miss tonight's Hanakimi episode 14 wor~ There's no Hanakimi on air tonight!! SOB.. And I'm still searching for my lovely Danson's MV le~ (>.<) Take care everyone...


I found my lovely Danson's MV!! Will post it next time~ Happy Happy Happy v(^.^)v

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