September 2011

Monday, October 03, 2011

Let's review what the pampered has done during her September eh? Two main events actually:

First was this...

The princess was in Kuala Lumpur for few days...

.. to attend her big brother's wedding. More updates on this soon!

The princess got her first sporty Nissan Fairlady ride in Kl! Credits to big brother for that!

Met my nephew after 7 months! He's 9 months plus by now~

Spend my first mooncake festival in Kl... with my lovely family! & thanks to my lovely Fan Su for the mooncake & the lantern.. ^^

And the second main event was this of course! The princess's 24th Birthday! Lolx!

The pampered ones got the chance to book a Phuket Trip for 2 on her birthday in conjunction of AirAsia's Zero Fare!

Yeah! Will be Phuket-ing September next year! ^^

So, the pampered one spend her time watched movies and dramas also (Of Course)

Firstly, Johnny English & Johnny English Reborn!
Starring Mr Bean aka Rowan Atkinson!
A totally funny and hilarious movie!

Came through this drama advert on tv while in Kl.
So watched when back to Kuching! Summer Romance Shines in Rainbow Color aka 夏の恋は虹色に輝く, starring Matsumoto Jun 松本潤 and Takeuchi Yuko 竹内結子. It's a story about a life of an 2nd generation actor.. More to like love life also!

Done watched this! Bull Doctor ブルドクター! Recommended!

Done watched this too! Team Batista 3: Ariadne's Bullet (チーム・バチスタ3: アリアドネの弾丸)
At first I found it interesting.. in the middle quite boring.. in the end kinda interesting!

And done watched this too! HanaKimi 2011!
Well, personally think that the previous version was much nicer, as I mentioned in the August post!

Lastly, currently watching this after Lives of Omission: 不速之约 aka Men with No Shadows, starring 欧阳震华Bobby Au Yeung, 林峰 Raymond Lam Fung & 杨怡 Tavia Yeung Yi. For now, personally think the drama is so so only as the story is about a pharmaceutical doctor (Bobby) met Satan (Raymond) when he was already dead, asked the Satan for not taking his life so early cause there are still many things that he still not yet done. And the stories continues.... Lolx!

That's should be it for the September post! More updates soon! Take care everyone!

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