August 2011

Saturday, September 03, 2011

I heart September! Cause it's princess's Birthday Month! But still needa review what the princess had done this August. Honestly, the main event on August was this:

Kai Li & Chew Yong Kuching Trip!

where we brought them to various places...
Will update more about it one by one!

Other than that, the princess spent her time watching various movies and dramas too:

Boss & Boss 2!
A J-drama where the series is about how detective resolves various crimes...
I heart watching detective dramas...

Final Destination 5!
Erm.. Not my type of movies as it was too ewwww....
But for those who accept the eww type of movies will love it!

Doraemon the movie 2011: Nobita & the Platoon of Iron Men...
映画ドラえもん 新・のび太と鉄人兵団
My all time favourite!

And the princess currently still watching these dramas:

Hanazakari no Kimitachi aka Hanakimi 2011 version..
花ざかりの君たちへ staring Maeda Atsuko 前田敦子 as Ashiya Mizuki, Nakamura Aoi 中村蒼 as Sano Izumi and Miura Shohei 三浦翔平 as Nakatsu Shuichi..
Personally think that the previous version was much nicer as the actors & actress much attractive!

ブルドクター Bull Doctor.. Another J-drama on how forensic doctor helps the police to solves the crimes. Another lovable drama!
Staring Esumi Makiko 江角マキコ as Odate Tamami, the forensic doctor!

Ouran High School Host Club! Finally the J-drama after longing for so loong....
Love watching the anime version! So I heart the drama too! ^^

Another J-drama!
Team Batista 3
: Ariadne's Bullet (チーム・バチスタ3: アリアドネの弾丸)
At first I thought it was the drama Team Medical Dragon (医龍) where it was about the Batista operation. But oh well, I got it wrong. This drama was actually about using MRI as supporting evidence in helping the police to solves crime but instead, some of the police disagree with this new method which causes lotsa problem and even death occurred.

.. and also 潜行狙击 Lives of Omission!
Exciting drama if anyone of you watched Laughing Gor aka 梁笑棠 by Michael Tse 謝天華 in his previous drama, Emergency Unit 學警狙擊

Guess that's all for now! More updates soon if the princess is not lazy. ^^

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