French Manicure at Home

Thursday, October 06, 2011

French Manicure was basically a manicures that resemble natural nails: a natural pink base nails with white tips. For me, french manicure look are so classy and elegant! Well, the pampered one doesn't feel like spending the $$ for the manicuring services cause it's kinda pricey actually. So, since the pampered got the needs for a french manicure, she might just manicure her nails in her way.... A Cheaper Way!

All you need are these: Nail Polish Remover, White Nail Polish, Base Coat, Masking tape to replace the French Manicure tape, and Top Coat!

You might need these too! Other nail utensils..

Basically, clean your nails first and also make sure that the nails are all in the SAME height to make a perfect french manicure! First, apply the base coat onto your nails. A pink base coat will be better as it will give a better result.
As for me, I personally skipped this step as I used base coat as the top ones. ^^

Then, tape your nails using masking tape or french manicure tape (if you have one). Personally prefer using masking tape as it gives a better shape that I want and also... CHEAPER! Lolx. So, while taping, make sure to push the tape all the way down to your nails so that when apply the white nail polish, it won't soak under your nails!

Then apply the white nail polish!

Then, wait a while and gently take the tape off. Well, you need to time it well when taking it off. Don't take the off when the polish is dry and taking the tape off too early may smudge the white polish.

Tadaah! It will look something like this~

Then, wait the white nail polish dry...

.. so that you can apply the top coat on top of it. But, for me, I applied a base coat on top of it!

Then, wait till the nails are totally dry and use a cotton bud and the nail polish remover to remove the excess of the polish that is not on the nails.

And there you have, a Home DIY French Manicure!

Easy & Cheap eh? You can try yourself at home too! That's all for now. Have fun Manicuring!

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