Chinese New Year 2010

Monday, February 08, 2010

Chinese New Year is approaching and I know lotsa of you all out there are now in the CNY mood, where this mood had overcome all those hardworking mode, studying mode etc. I know I'm lazy and this is another reason why I'm not updating. Wakakakaka! I'm so in a CNY mood because I just can't wait to wear those new shirts, dress, shoes and much more. Wakakaka~

Since the pampered princess here has done most of her stuffs, specially her FYP, that's why she's much more relax now since a big burden has just gone off! Well, now left my final semester and the shietty industrial training where now I'm still in a waiting list! Anyone wants to hire the princess here? I'm so wish to get into the statistic department and really hope my wish will come true *Pray Hard*

Well, in the preparation of CNY, besides buying new shirts, did & joined some activities in the uni with friends. Well, just let the pictures tells everything kay? ^^

Went to Pesta Ang Pow 2010, and this year should be the most interesting ones among these 3 years in my uni life...

Why? There's so much interesting performances specially from China, such as acrobatic. Other performances like lion dance, songs presentation etc.

Went to 1B and took some opportunity to take pictures with the so nice & CNY feel decoration. 1Borneo really put lotsa effort in their decoration. Love it so much!

Went to the pre-CNY celebration... Lok lok at uni's stadium~

Besides lok lok-ing, we played cards & take lotsa pics!

Did some lucky draws and celebrated Cy Hau & Sharon's birthday!

And we REALLY took lotsa pics again! Hahaha!

How's your CNY preparation? Although this year didn't get to help my family up in making some nice and crunchy CNY cookies and cakes, but I did enjoyed the pre-CNY celebration. How about you guys out there? ^^ Take care everyone and enjoy!!! End this post with Namewee's CNY MV! Seriously I love his chorus~ Funny!

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