Lokawi Wildlife Park & Birthday Celebration

Friday, January 29, 2010

Visited the Lokawi Wildlife Park in conjunction of celebrating two February babies last week. Well, the park is situated somewhere at Penampang-Papar old road there. Entry fees RM10 per person for Malaysian. Foreigners much more than that. But if you went with a bunch of monkeys friends, you'll have 15% discount.

Getting the tickets....

Various animals inside the park.. Well, if you were there at the right timing, you might get to watch the person in charge them feed these animals.. And there's some shows too! But too bad our timing wasn't right that day.... =\

Not forgetting to take pictures too!!
Can you recognize which are the monkeys?! Lols

After the visitation, went to Tanjung Aru for some chilling... Chilled the whole body I mean! See how the monkeys threw some of us into the beach.. -_-|| In the end, everyone was all wet!!

Well, as I mentioned, we celebrated two February babies... Ah Pau and Ah Sim!!
Happy Birthday to them.. and hope they did enjoyed that day ^^

A not-so-short with pictures updates. ^^ More updates soon everyone... Take care...

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