Saturday, February 20, 2010

People come, people go. All the living things will reach their ending someday. Whenever we lost someone precious in our live, we were sure very sad and sometimes may think back that we should have treat them better. Regret this and that. These were what I’d seen in some people using my eyes, saying they should have love him/her more, should have care for him/her more, should have obey him/her more.

People are like this, tends to realize how precious a person can be whenever we lost it. No matter whether the person left us now or later, we need to know that one day, people will left the world and face GOD one day, no matter is early or late. Why won’t we learn treating everyone with honesty, love and care, from the bottom of our heart? Whenever something happens, we might be shocked and sometimes couldn’t accept the fact. But after sometimes, we need to calm down and stay rational, and think what we should do now. God Bless Everyone~

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