Danson & Chun In Malaysia VIII

Sunday, June 03, 2007

On the 27th May, Sunday, is the last day for Danson & Chun in Malaysia for the whole Hanakimi promotion schedule. Nothing much.. Just their pictures at KLIA where Chun is going back to Brunei while Danson is going back to Taipei, Taiwan.

Before I start of the pictures of them in KLIA, more clips that I found...

Chun before the press conference~

Danson singing during the autograph session~

Guess that's the clips that I can found for now~ Will post more if I found more ya? =) Ok~ Now for the 27th May post.. (Thanks to sohcc from wuchun.com and miko from mydanson forum for sharing these pictures~ So, please don't try to copy these pictures before you ask permission ya?) And be note that some of the captions below is according to the news report~ =) Thanks to Tiffany for translating~

Around 10.10 am (this 1010 number again), Chun arrived KLIA and checked in~ 50 odd fans went to airport to send him off, and there's even fans whom specially booked air tickets to follow him back to his hometown, Brunei...

According to news, when crazy fans saw Chun, they will immediately rushed up to surround him, Chun could only call the fans to stand on one side obediently, and let him prepare his documents for boarding the plane.

As Chun's luggage was over weight by 10 over kilograms, he was fined about RM100. When he turned to go to another counter to pay the fine, the fans still remained standing obediently, but another crowd came chasing after, and even take photos while chasing, the whole place was very chaotic.

Although the fan's were behaving rowdily, Chun still did not show any unhappy expression, throughout he was smiling, and agreeing to all requests like "Huang Da Xian" (Name of a mythical god)

After finishing with all the boarding documentation, Chun carrying big bags of presents and prepared to enter the custom, just as he reached the entry point, he suddenly discover that his passport had disappeared, and shouted out in shock,"I lost my passport!!", but in the end, hi found that he had actually placed it in the back pocket of his backpack.

Chun's flight is at around 11.20am. I guess around 2.++pm arrived in Brunei already ba~ Hehe~ And around 12 noon, Danson checked in....

He's wearing the "D" necklace!! And a lot of his fans were there waiting for him, just wanna meet him...

... and gave him gifts, cards, letters and lots more... You can see that Danson looks happy~ =P

Some fans also followed the same flight with him... Supportive fans followed him throughout the whole schedule in Malaysia~ *envy* This picture is actually when he waved his hand at them... Well, too bad is too dark.. But nevermind...

So, around 2++pm, Danson left Malaysia and around 6.40pm reached Taipei, Taiwan. After reached Taiwan, he'd been busy for almost a week... Busy filming drama~ Wanna see more Danson video clips and pictures in Malaysia? Just join Danson's Malaysia Forum here~ I can tell you that those pictures in the forum was totally clear and great.. My handsome Danson.. =P Guess that's all from me here for this post.. I guess the next post most probably will be the last post of Danson & Chun in Malaysia... Take care everyone... =)

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