Shrek 3

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Last night I got almost bored-to-death~ Luckily did went out last-minute-ly with JJK, Hooi and Brian. Too bad Anne just got home last night so didn't followed us. So, we went to watch this...

Shrek The Third~

Honestly, after watching this movie.. My conclusion was a so-so movie. Just like any other movies with a happy ending. The story line was normal type of storyline. Not much excitement... Haha~ Suitable for children to watch~ Hehe~

I still remember last year, after watching the Pirates of the Caribbean 2, Dead Man's Chest, I felt so.. urm... full of excitement? I don't really know how to express the feeling la~ All I can say is looking forward for Pirates 3, At World's End~

Yeah~ I know is out already but I still didn't get the chance to watch it. Hm~ Maybe will watch it next time or maybe just buy the DVD and watch it at home. Haha~ That's all for this post. =)

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