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Monday, May 28, 2007

I know some of you are waiting for me to upload these pictures~ Hehe. Due to there's a lot of pictures, so i'll upload it post by post. If I squeeze it in one post, (o.O) it will be a very long post!! Haha. Ok~ As most of the Danson and Chun's fans knew that they were in Kuala Lumpur on the 25-27 May.

Today I'll post the pictures on the 25th May where they reached KLIA, went to 8tv for the 8864 e-news, and the 988 radio interview. There is also pictures where Danson and Chun still at Taipei's airport before they took off to Malaysia here.

Before Danson & Chun reached, of course there's alot of fans including the Danson's Malaysia Fans Club members and also Only Chun's Fans Club members waiting there. Even the Malays also their fans~ Wow!!

Around 1++pm, Chun and Danson reached KLIA!!

Heard from friends that both of them are really handsome and tall~

Look at Chun's muscles~ (o.O)

Danson is fair also~ *excited*

Then they're off to 8tv studio for the...

8864 e-news live at 8tv from 4.25pm-5pm~ Both of them is really handsome!! So happy when I saw them live on tv~ Aha!! =D Chun & Danson talked abit of Malay too!! And Danson said: "Selamat Datang" & Chun tought him "Aku cinta padamu" So cute la~~

According to the reporter, Danson and Chun sat on the Mini Cooper located in the 8864 studio. And due to the Mini Cooper cannot stand the pressure, resulting the Cooper got indentation-ed~ Lols~

After the interview at the 8tv studio, at night Danson and Chun was on live at the 988 radio station.

So many fans waiting for Danson & Chun during the 988 interview just hoping to see them~

Heard the 988 interview also~ They played game where they needa say 'I love you', 'I need you', 'I kiss you' etc. before answering every questions. And Danson talked alot of Malay!! His sound is very sweet~ Chun too!!! And one lucky fans got so lucky cause they sang a birthday song for her!! Alot of questions been asked. Lotsa funny and humour conversation going on. And there's one question where the DJ asked what is the last thing they did when they sleep. Guess what Danson said? He said he'll take of his shirt!! He always sleep with his boxers on only!! Lol~

Not forgetting the newspaper report about them reaching Malaysia all sort of stuffs~

Well, that's what happened roughly on the 25th May. More news and pictures soon!! =) Take care everyone~


Found this at youtube~ 8tv news about Danson & Chun arrived in Malaysia~

Followed by a short clip when they reached KLIA~

And the 8864 e-news interview live~

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