KL Trip V

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The stupid internet connection these few days is still sucks very very bad!!!! (>.<) Makes me feel kinda lazy to online and also to post~ kekeke. Hmm.. Today everyone, er, not everyone. Those who are still studying most of them started school today. So, the online list in the messenger will become lesser and lesser. Aih~ This also means that my life will be more bored and bored again. Ok! Enough crapping....

Continuing the Kl trip post. This will be the last post of the Kl trip post. *Aw~*sob*sob* Lol!! It's on the 23 December 2006, Saturday, till the early in the morning of next day where we went to KLCC only on the 23!! Yeap~ There only. And I was been kind of stupid cause when I reached there, well, people that went there for the first time will surely take a nice shot of the twin tower rite? And this is what I took...

(O.o) I just took ONE SIDE OF THE TOWER ONLY!!! See how stupid I can be!! Ok. Enough of the stupid thingy. So, in the Suria KLCC, we went inside one part of the Petrosains and played lotsa cool and interesting thingies. Then when evening came, me and Po Ken following Smith and he brought us to had our dinner. Well, nothing much interesting and funny happened actually. Just that at the almost end of our trip, I get to see the night view of KL!! Nice!! Damn nice!! Enjoy the pictures below~

Ordered this special shape thingy called 'roti tisu' for everyone...

... and a roti canai + planta for myself

Then off we go, to the LRT...

... and reached Suria KLCC...

Inside the mall...

... with a tall tall christmas tree~ As tall as Boulevard maybe~~

And gingerbreadmen and lolipops...

... and also this cool chocolate fountain!! I WANT~~

This thing do attracts me. RM2 per entry for a premier toilet!!!

Stopped at Burger King and ordered little foods only

Cause not feeling so well... Sick face?! More like sohai face. Haha!!

Then to one of the part of the Petrosains

This is a lagging vision machine. Cool~

And this.. a cool game!! Both of the players must relax their mind.. And the ball will move towards the person who mind is not-so relaxed. And if the ball touches the circle, the persons loses. Nice eh?!

And also this game. See how fast is your reaction. See how many lighted buttons can you press in 30 seconds.

Three car models done by Po Ken, Smith and Hooi~ Guess whose reached the end point first?

Then, went to somewhere so called the 'small genting' by Smith where I can view the KL night view and ordered vanilla chocolate...

and this.. Smoked Chicken for dinner Hehe.

And on the way to met up the others saw this~~ Tunku Abdul Rahman's statue

Then, lastly.. I get to view the night view of KL at another so called 'small genting' by Smith!!

Thanks to them~~ Smith and his wife!!!

Then here we are... In LCCT...

And back in Miri.. Bye bye KL~

I guess that's the end of the KL trip post for now. About the cool vedio that i mentioned on the previous post, I had to said sorry cause due to some don't know what problem, I can't upload the video. (>.<) That's all from me for these few days. Nothing special and interesting to mention about my present life now. Oh ya! Just one thing.. I WANNA DIET!! I'm getting more and more fat!! Someone, gimme some tips on how to diet but still can eat those junk foods!! Haha. =P

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