KL Trip IV

Sunday, December 31, 2006

Today, the last day of 2006. About new resolution all those thingies I'll post it next time ba. Cause my mind now is still stopped at the KL trip there. Wakaka. Ok. Continue my KL trip post.

On the fourth day, 22 December 2006, Friday, we went to Mid Valley. The so-called largest shopping mall in Malaysia?! Well, I think still ok ok la. People do said "aiyo.. One day not enough to shop finish de la.." Yeah right~ We used one day to finished exploring the mall. *clap*clap* Haha. But what can I said about the mall is that, there's alot.. ALOT of kinds of shops. Different in Miri's. Mid Valley is more on decoration and designs in house or interior designs shops. But there are still alot of shops that sells fashion clothes, foods, pets and all those ting-ting tang-tang thingies that most girls loves.

Something to be jotted down in my history book is that, that day was my first time to sat in the KL's monorial and also KTM . WoHooOo~ After Mid Valley, our next stop is at the pasar malam where I get to continue shopping and also ate some smelly smelly tofu. Well, for me it's not smelly. It's nice actually and it's delicious!! Overall was excited and fun!! kakaka. Oh ya, before I forgot, that day was Winter Day. So we tend to go to one of the cafe to eat the 'tang yuan' or dumplings. Then we stopped at cyber cafe to online and some of them went to play games.

Unfortunately, Bui and Fish didn't follow that night cause they wanna have a good rest and Fish actually stayed in the hotel for the whole day cause she got real sick that day and din followed us out that day. Luckily that night her cousin brought her out to see doc and have a little shopping maybe. Ok. Enough talkings. Continue with pictures...

Me in blue. Er.. Face in pink?!

Off we go~ To the monorial...

... in the monorial...

... then the KTM!! Well, I'm tired so I sat on the floor~~ Yeah!!

Then in we go...

... in the KTM. Look at Hooi~ Thanks to him to be our 2nd tour guide!! Hehe

Here we are.. Lotsa christmas trees...

... and lolipops and candies...

... and lights everywhere...

... not forgetting people singing and dancing

Here we are. At Sushi King...

... for my brunch. Yum~ Yum~

Delicious rite Bui?

Then to the World of Pets!! The hamsters were cute!!

After few hours... our tired face... Haha!

And I found this Mickey shop!! Cool eh?!

And Santa!! Is here~~

Stopped at Domino's Pizza for our dinner

The evening view of the mall

Then went to pasar malam and here.. Tsim Tung where we ordered 'tang yuan'

And also we explored Smith's house and found out this...

... his pet?!!?!

Goodies that I bought that day at Mid Valley and also the pasar malam. Overall cost at range RM 350-RM400 maybe?! Hehe.

That's all for the pictures for today. Oh ya!! Before I forgot, found one interesting pink hippo in Hallmark at Mid Valley that day. This hippo can sing and dance. Haha. Will upload the video next time. Hehe. And Happy New Year to all!!

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