Thursday, January 04, 2007

Something to share with everyone

My PICTURES!!! Haha~

Till last night then I realised that I got almost thousand of me + friends pictures in my pc!! Thousand?! Yeap. Thousand pictures!! Scary le~ Haha. So this can proved that I'm a camwhorer!! (QED) *wink*

And if you do notice my pictures above, my car is full of poohs!!! And again, I'm one of the pooh addictor. Although I don't like to watch Pooh & Friends's cartoon, but I really do love the cartoon characters. They are really really really cute!!!

And one more to add too. I'm a purple addictor. Purple stationaries, purple shirt, purple this purple that!! Oh yeah!! Purple is so so so sweet and nice colour. Even my car's fragrance is in purple colour. Haha. Cause it is lavender smell. Love lavender too!! Oh yeah!! So much of addiction!

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