KL Trip Little Post II

Monday, January 15, 2007

As what I'd mentioned from the few previous post, I'm here now to present you all Fish's pictures in KL Part II~

7 Dragon Balls situated in the Sg. Wang together with the Death Note

The KL Night View took by her in the car

Sunway Pyramid's skating court. She went there with her cousin

Sunway Pyramid's statue

T-Rex in Petrosains

Fishes in Petrosains

Introducing the animal cell~ The middle one is called nucleolus. More like a human brain =P

These are some of the pictures which I din get to took down. Others are all almost the same so I din tend to upload it here. Today is yet another blurry day for me. Woke up at almost noon. (o.O) And then noon went out and bought the ingredients to make those chinese new year's cookies and cakes with my grandma. And sigh~ my cousins are now keep on influencing me to curl up my hair. Actually yes I want to curl my hair up. But my mum insist to not letting me to curl although it's only RM50 to curl it!! She said my face is not suitable to curl my hair up!! What kind of reason is this? How my face is like? Gosh~ I wonder, how do I look if I curl it up?

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