How Boy's Farewell I

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Held a farewell party or can say is a farewell buffet for our handsome and smart boy boy, Kim How, this afternoon at Dynasty Hotel's Cafe Rosita. How boy will be heading to Australia on the 19th this month with his sweetheart to further their studies. Actually he's Form 5 this year but he go there to study earlier. Actually is not early already which means he's late for one year already. He said he should be heading to Australia last year to study for their... er... what what what liao ah? I forgot~ Haha. No matter what la, still study la!! =P

First saw this Kim How boy in the Year 2003 when I was in Form 4 and he's in Form 1. He is one of the most active members in MRCS St. Joe together with his best friend, Jsun Loong aka Ah Chen. Then, when I was the one who lead the MRCS St Joe's committee, they both are 2 of the good AJKs which helped me out alot and joined lotsa activities. He's smart, funny, friendly, good in leadership which makes him the vice prez of MRCS St Joe and a head prefect in St Joe, and lotsa to mention about him.

Lee Kim How aka How Boy. His look when he's in Form 2

And now, he's going to Australia soon. Sooner, I'll have very very seldom chance to meet him again, will seldom heard his great laughter when together with JJK, and also will seldom heard about him keep on saying ham in our ears. Eh, almost forgot!!! Still got msn la~ At least still can chat with him~ Haha. But still guess sure everyone will miss him very much. He'll sure be happy and sweet there since he's going with his dear. *wink* Ok. No more words to express my bluriness + hungryness + donno-wat-to-write-ness now. Haha. So enjoy the pictures below~

Me and How in Year 2004. Our unmatured looks~ >.<

In Year 2006, last year's us back in MRCS Miri Chapter's HQ during First Aid Comp

Year 2006, us, Anne, How, me and Chen at the funfair

Then followed by the MRCS Appreciation Dinner 2006 few months later

After the Appreciation Night with Anne, me and How

Last year's picture too. When with the gangs at Green Air

Today's me~ (^>^)

And today's How~ He looks smart today

Ah Chen and How

Hmm... what should I say? 2 sweet couples? Yeah~

How boy and his best friends

How and Emma

Anne and How

Me, How and Anne

Me and Ah Chen

Me and How

After the buffet lunch with them, the seniors, which is me, Anne, JJK and also one of his friend, Hui Wen, went to Miss Loy's house to chat. Wahde~ Guess how long we all talked? Hmm.. From around 2pm to almost 8pm!! Haha. Too much memories and lotsa craps to talk about. Guess that's all about my whole day today.

Oh ya! Something very important to share with everyone. Don't you just hate someone who just right click and save your photos and upload it elsewhere WITHOUT your acknowledgement?! THAT'S A VERY VERY ANNOYING ACT!! And yes!! They are some of this people living around us!! And I warn YOU - the ones who likes to simply save peoples pictures and upload it somewhere else, DO NOT TRY TO COPY OR SAVE PICTURES FROM MY BLOG OR MY FRIENDSTER!! IF I SAW MY PERSONAL PIC AGAIN SOMEWHERE ELSE ESPECIALLY ON YOUR FRIENDSTER, YOU'LL KNOW WHAT WE'LL (as in me and my friends who are the victims too) DO TO YOU!!! DON'T SAY WE DIDN'T WARN YOU!!! Just really hate those people who did this kind of thing~ Gosh!!

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