How Boy's Farewell III

Friday, January 19, 2007

Today is not about holding a farewell party for How. My pc is on since morning till now and when I was chatting with Anne and Jing Kwong, our topic are almost the same. Kim How, Kim How, Kim How!! Gee, he's now in Australia and don't know when will we be meeting each other again. (T.T) JJK read the previous post that I sent and he said when he saw the pics can made people cry de. From happy till surprise till goodbye! Specially the almost last picture when I took How's picture in car and he's waving goodbye at us. And he added the picture blur blur de like not going to see him again. (-.-) Celaka~ Don't say till like that mar. Will see him one day, but just needa wait for quite a long time ma! He also said that my blog will make us miss him so much. His face, his smile, his funny pose, his favourite quote: ''Hamm" and lots more. STOP!! Made me and others miss him again. Start to miss the old times when we're still playing and fooling around.

Lastly, pictures from JJK. All about Kim How. =P Enjoy~

How acting cool post during Inter Chapter First Aid Competition in Kuching

How, Chen, Jason, Tay Wei Seng, JJK and Hii Chay Sing during St Joe Camp

JJK and Kim How with donno-whose puppies at the beach

Emma, How and JJK. Like never seen a so nice shell before. Macam la got real pearl inside~ Haha!!

What reaction is that actually? I also don't know. And my stupid and evil looking face sitting behind watching Kim How and the others taking pictures. (=.=)

Best wishes to Kim How and his dear, Xin Yee in Perth, Australia. Remember we're waiting for your wedding dinner in the few more years to come~ Haha. =P

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