KL Trip Little Post I

Monday, January 08, 2007

This is the video that I mentioned on KL Trip IV and which I said cannot uploaded due to some I don't know what problem on KL Trip V. But now, finally!! Can be viewed live in my blogspot!! Haha. ( Note: The middle finger at the end of the vedio was not mine~ ) This pink hippo tends to sings and dance when you press the on/off button. This pink hippo is available at Hallmark in Midvalley.

But this pink hippo is not as cool as the two cows that I saw few months ago, which is last year in Kuching during the Mooting Competition. Those two cows were really really cool~ To prove it, nah and note that those hand weren't mine too....

Nothing much to blog today actually (>.<) My current life is so so so bored. And I guess I needa start to be serious in choosing what course should I apply for uni and I also needa throw my lazy bugs away and start cleaning the whole house of mine and also bake cookies and cakes for the chinese new year. Yeah~~ Chinese New Year coming soon!!

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