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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Something from me that I'd like to share with everyone. This is something I can consider abit to be proud of...

My trophies since Primary One. Oh I know it's not much but at least I got some~ Among 10 of them 2 weren't mine. Hiaks~

Kekeke. Brought grandma to Pujut 7 to buy chicken this morning. Waited for her in the car too long so I decided to do this...

Camwhoring~~ Take 1

Take 2

Take 3

Take 4

Hehe. Later at night, went to dad's there Place Cafe which is situated at North Yu Seng Rd. or to be clearer opposite Ming's Cafe and also beside the Perwira, to had my dinner. Well, honestly I needa promote my dad's cafe alot alot cause there are too many competitors around and I can see that the business is getting far more worst than last time. EVERYONE!! MY FRIENDS!! Please come to my dad's shop to have a drink, have a meal or anything. My dad is a good cook. I can 100% guarantee that the foods are delicious. REALLY!!!

Ok. Continue to my part. Well, my mum's friend came and she brought her cute little baby daughter. So, I decided to took down some of her pictures.

She's too cute and adorable~ I really wanna squeeze her cheek (o.O)

And her small little cute cute hands. Opps~ I forgot to take it down. (>.<)

Another picture of her with my mummy behind (^.^)

Guess that's all of the pictures I had today. Today is a very tiring and exhausting day for me. Cause woke up early with headache and start do some lotsa lotsa cleaning for my house. Luckily, the maid is at home today. So, my burden to clean the WHOLE house is lessen. Haha. Evil me~

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