I Need CA$H~

Sunday, January 07, 2007

I do really need lotsa lotsa cash!! ($.$) Not because I money faces or what. Just one noon outside and I can spent RM35 for those accessories to suit my chinese new year clothes. (>.<) Shh~ This thing cannot be heard by my mum. If not I sure been scold by her chin chin~ Few days ago went to buy a white laces shorts that cost me RM40 to suit the shirt that I bought from KL which I didn't manage to took the pic down last time. And now those accessories to suit that set of clothes. Oh my!! Took the pictures down to let you all see.

Bought this today at Imperial's Boulevard that cost me around RM35...

... just to fit my this set of clothes and note that the shorts cost me RM40!! Bought it few days ago at Boulevard Hypermarket!!!

Mix and match

A closer look

Oh dear dear~ I really shouldn't bring so much cash next time when I go out!! Seems like our country's money is so damn small while everything is so damn expensive~~ Aih!! So, how''s my new chinese new year clothes? Do drop some comments ya?! And seems like everyone is very busy this month. Wanna chat also no reply, wanna msg also the same, even some blog still stuck at month of December~ Gosh! How I wish I can be as busy as them!!

Oh ya! Before I end, this is to inform all my friends who's going to apply for the IPTA thingies. The website can now be browse. But note that every course's minimum qualification for STPM not yet been stated. Haha. Guess it will be stated soon. Anyway, is good for everyone to browse it earlier.

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