Sunday, January 21, 2007

Got sick since yesterday. Dizzy dizzy head, sore throat plus a little bit of flu. (>.<) Soi chin~ Those sickness really ruined my whole day routine. Should be start doing some house cleaning but those sickness really driving me crazy till this noon. Got better now, so just now followed grandma to Boulevard and Servay to buy some veggies and also the ingredients for the chinese new year cookies. Then later, I went to here...

Kate's Hair Studio

Yeap! Went there to get a nice haircut. Well, this hair studio situated at 1st Floor, Lot 5895, Desa Pujut, Bandar Baru Permyjaya. Quite far from my house but i chose there to get a haircut it was open by my aunt or to be more specific, my mom's cousin. Hehe.

So she began to cut...

... and cut...

... and cut...

... and cut...

... and cut!!!

Walah~ The new me~

The side view~

Spent RM15 for this new haircut. Worth it though cause I like my new hairstyle much much. Thanks to my hairstylist, Kate Yek aka my aunt!! (^.^) She seems familiar ain't she? Yeah~ She entered numbers of beauty pageant competitions including the one hosted by Astro. She actually entered to the semi-finalist. Just too bad she couldn't made up to the finalist. But nevermind cause she also won lotsa other beauty pageant competitions. And yeap, she's a model too. Ever been Alan's model but now not sure about it. Hehe. Anyway, she's pretty, nice, friendly and a sexy chick~ Most important of all, I trust in her when it comes to my hair thingy. That's why whenever I needa change a hairstyle or going to some formal activity, I'll go to Kate's Hair Studio!! So, Kate's Hair Studio, a place where you should go whenever you wanna deal with your hair~

Before signing off, uploaded pictures of me and my cuz, Joanne. Dang!! She curled her hair too!!! (>.<)

ME!!! Gee~ So act cute.. HATE IT~

Joanne cuz got her hair curly curly like Maggie Mee =P

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