KL Trip I

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Back from KL few days ago. How was it? Hmm. Overall the trip was enjoyable and ok ok. Got sick on the 2nd or 3rd day in KL. Not only me got sicked, others too. (o.O) Pity us. Ok. Don't know what to said about the trip in KL cause there are too many things to be mention. Oh well, just let the photo do the talkings.

Below are the pictures for the first day, 19 December 2006, Tuesday, where the day we first time step into the town of KL. Nothing special actually. So just see the pics ba.

Checking in at the Miri International Airport

Stayed in Nova Hotel

Situated at Jalan Alor, the street with lotsa food stalls

This chair was cool. It's in the hotel's lobby

Me and Fish's room, Room 706

That's all for the first day. Haha. Told you nothing much special. Will upload more pictures soon and I really hope is very soon cause I'm lazy. Lazy bug just bit me. =P take care everyone.

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