2nd Year Anniversary

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Wah~ It's already passed midnight and I'm still so energetic. Haha. Don't know why. So, let me spent my time on blogging. See how best good blogger I am? Haha. =P Ok. Last night, held a 11th Batch Short Term Christian Living Program aka Duan Xun's 2nd year's anniversary at my house. Short brief about this program. It is organized by Miri Gospel Chapel in December 14, 2004 till January 22, 2005. Around 25 christians joined that year's Duan Xun. But only a quarter of the classmates turned up yesterday because others are either not in Miri or busy with their own things. No matter what, we'll still live in one world, under one GOD

Below was some picture of it. Haha. Just want to post some pictures and simply blah awhile. Kakaka. Take care.

Duan Xun's birthday cake. It's cappuccino flavour.

Happy birthday Duan Xun~~

Group photo 1

Group photo 2

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