Christmas oh Christmas

Monday, December 04, 2006

The last month of the year which reminds me of CHRISTMAS!! A short introduction about christmas. Christmas is the day where baby Jesus Christ was born. Yeap! Jesus Christ our saviour~ Love christmas day alot. Why? Because you get to see every shopping malls start to decorates the malls with lotsa christmas thingy and the christmas songs are everywhere. Just too bad that Miri doesn't have snow. If not, a white christmas will be very very nice and romantic. Haha. Ok. I went to Boulevard shopping mall few days ago and took some of the pics there. I love the candle design alot. And also the decoration thingies in the malls.

The three candles. Nice aren't they?

The whole decoration of the mall

This thingy is cool cause the lights represents the river flowing and the two bears were moving around skating!! And it costRM160!!!

Unfortunately the christmas celebration won't be as cool as the other countries. So, I'm awaiting the 19th to come as I'll fly to KL and enjoy!! wakaka!! *wondering how's the decoration and the celebration will be like in KL* Ok. That's all for now and I'll continue to revise my Chemistry!! Which is tomorrow!! Oh yeah!! GOD bless everyone~ I'll be posting again as soon as I finish my Chemistry paper and will post about my christmas decoration in my hommie.

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