Sunday, December 03, 2006

Just received the news that the MRCS Miri Chapter got champion for the state level's First Aid Competition. Whoa!!! First time in history. Congratulation!! Honestly, I was really shocked when heard about the news. Haha. No matter what, still congratulation and you guys had made Miri Chapter and st joe proud~ Miri Chapter was represented by 3 stjoes and 2 stcos. And they beaten St Joseph, Kuching that always got champion for the competition. Nice!

Ok. Enough for the congrats part. Now a little updates for my recent life. As what i'd post last time, I left one more paper for STPM and actually my study mood is almost almost gone!!! Darn!! Don't know why like that de. Aih~ No matter what still needa concentrate on my last paper which is Chemistry 2.

Lastly, something for everyone to have a nice laugh. Enjoy! Haha. You'll laugh till stomach ache if you understand what they talkin about. =P

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