End of High School life

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I seems to be so laggy. Now then I realised that I finished my high school life. No more high school life for me. So, is it a thing to be happy at? I also not very sure about it. Thinking about the past, makes me feel like time really flies. Is like just one click, I'm 19 and I'd finished my STPM!!

The Form 5 look~ Look so nerdy *=.=*

The Form 6 look... I think I didn't change much le... *=.=*

Last night my daddy asked me how's my last paper and asked me whether I got confidence or not. I told him nope. No confidence at all. To get a PASS I mean. I think I really did very badly for my papers. Gosh!! Then my daddy continues and said: "No need to study anymore liao la.." (o.O) Oh dear!! No more studying for me?! Means my future will ends here ah? I don't want le. I really hope that I can get into uni. If local can't at least a UTAR for me. But speaking about uni, now something I really need to be serious about it which is what course should I study?

Choices are :

  1. Psychologist - some of my frens said is very hard & a person so gila like me later study till gila~ *shish*
  2. Physiotherapist - ever mention this in front of my friends. Their reaction:"Ha?! Hahaha!!" *swt alot... (=.=)*
  3. Optometrist - this course should be the course I went after Form5 but in the end I went to Form6. The thing is I din study physics.
  4. Graphic designer/ Interior designer - hmm.. at least I got some talent in the creative and designing part
  5. Still thinking.....

How will be my future? Which path will I go for in the future? I also don't know. *Pray Hard* for my STPM results. To get at least *AT LEAST* all credits.

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