October 2011

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

What happened on October:

Starting off with Sushi King Bonanza!

Attended BBQ and various get-to-gether~

Visited Logos Hope!

& attended Fan Su sister's wedding!

What I watched on October:

Nasi Lemak 2.0. A local movie by Namewee.
It's not the best movie but it is very meaningful movie where the movie really do give everyone a view on what really happened around us and some action should be taken.

The Smurfs. A story about the blue Smurfs been chased by the evil wizard which resulted them came into our world from their magical village.

Zookeeper. A funny and interesting movie where the animals in the zoo helped their lovable zookeeper found his true love.

夏日乐悠悠 aka Love You You. A touching Love Story. Recommended for couples to watch~

Finally done watching Ouran High School Host Drama! Heart it alot!

Done watching 不速之约. So actually the 'Satan' is not Satan.
He's just using some sort of psycho-ing stuffs which made people thought he is.
Kinda interesting only when it comes till the end of the drama.

荃加福禄寿探案 aka Super Snoops. A HK TVB Series starring 汪明荃 Liza Wang as Sun Chiu-tung 辛潮彤, 福禄寿三子(王祖蓝 Wong Cho Lam , 阮兆祥 Louis Yuen and 李思捷 Johnson Lee) as Hung Chak-nam 恭澤嵐, Hung Duk-nam 恭犢嵐 and Chui Shui 崔湑, and Tobby Leung 梁靖琪 as Ngok Kau 岳皎. A detective story on how they solve the cases where all of them, except Ngok Kau, has their own special abilities after been struck by lightning. Funny and interesting drama.

日剧原来是美男啊/美男(イケメン)ですね aka You're beautiful Japanese version is a remade from a Korean version's aired in 2009. It's about a boy band, A.N.JELL, Sakuraba Mio who has to act as her twin brother and take his place in the group, resulting complicated relationships between the group members. Starring Takimoto Miori 瀧本美織 as Sakuraba Mio and Sakuraba Miko, Tamamori Yuta 玉森裕太 as Katsuragi Ren, Fujigaya Taisuke 藤谷太輔 as Fujishiro Shu and Yaotome Hikaru 八乙女光 as Hongo Yuki. A So So drama for me. Will watch the Korean version soon. XD

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