Cut the Rope

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Cut the Rope is a game developed by Chillingo Ltd. Is a kinda attractive game. Why said so? Cause the layout and the little creature which they called Om Nom is really the cute! (>.<) Didn't really spend a lot of time playing it, but Fan Su heart the game a lot!

Cut the Rope!

Inside the drawings from the Menu...

Well, it is level by level game...

Where your task is to cut the rope...

.. and deliver the candy to Om Nom! Make sure you get all the 3 stars too to get a perfect score!

.. and of course, it gets harder and harder as the level is going up!

So, do think twice before cutting the rope!

And while you're thinking HARD, Om Nom will tend to show some of it's cute actions, asking you to deliver the candy to it!

If you failed to deliver the candy to Om Nom,
Om Nom will give you an adorable sad face! Lolx!

Like the picture said, you can also skip the level in the pause menu!

Adorable eh the game? Some sort of Angry Bird alike. But different thing is, it is much more fun than Angry Bird! That's what I think lah! Hahaha~ That's all from me here. Chaozzz!

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