Just Wanna Be Happy

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

People just love to criticizing each other, no matter in what kind of aspects. Well, I received lotsa criticizes, compliments, and comments ever since I was in Primary school. People tends to stay away from me and laugh at me. In high school, there were still this kinds of people around me. Even now!

But, what to do? This is life. People criticizes you is just because they don't understands you well enough. As long as the people who loves you accepts who you are is much more than enough. Even if there is really no one understands you, there's still one more person who understands you even more than you understands yourself, GOD.

In life there's of course people who loves and hates you, people who giving you good and bad memories. For me, I prefer to only to save all the good ones in the brains, and deleting all the bad ones. Of course you can't 100% deleting it as sometimes you might flash back all those memories. But what for letting it ruin your happy day? We should live our day with happiness and not with those sadness. Staying happy and giving happiness to people are much more important than anything.

So stay happy everyone. ^^

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