Dad's Day 2011

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Felt very blessed by GOD for giving me such a wonderful DAD! My dad is the greatest dad! Since the day I was born, I was been pampered and loved so much by my family, specially by my parents! Still remembered I was once beaten by my dad when I was in Primary One, where I did not went to school, due to the Mathematics teacher was so fierce! Hahahaha! That's the time and the ONLY time I was so hardly beaten by my dad!

In my high school years, my dad has given me a lot of freedom where I can go where ever I want, do what ever I want to do (for good course, of course) This is where I got so much time involving with school activities specially in Red Crescent.

In my Form Six years and also my uni years, my dad has given me a lot of financial supports where I don't have to worry about any financial problems all these while. Especially in my uni years where he fully support all the education fees and my living fees. Even till now in my working years, he still ask once awhile am I living all right. My dad also has given me a lot of precious supports and encouragements when I was in the stressful uni years. Guess he wishes his children stays happy and no worries. And I am happy cause I did not let my dad down by achieving a good results in my uni years. ^^

Today is the day where I express all my love to my dad, but not the only day! Just that is Father's Day and where I always gave greetings, cards and gifts to my dad every year. This year, I made this....

An handmade apron, same as what I gave for Mummy & Grandma for Mum's Day!

My dad owns a coffee shop and he's the cook. And his cooking was really delicious and no one denies about this fact. My dad worked hard from a teenager who knows nothing about cooking and came to Miri, works hard and achieved what he has now: Cooking skills, A coffee shop, and a warm & lovely family with a beautiful wife, 2 healthy and smart sons and a pampered loving daughter. ^^

Happy Father's Day Daddy & I LOVE YOU!!!

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