Fly Everywhere with just RM0.10!!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Yeah! Just like the title said, fly everywhere well almost everywhere with just RM0.10!

Thanks to AirAsia

The princess will be flying to Johor Bahru on the month of April (going to Sg from there! Yeah~), and flying back to Miri on the month of May and June. And the princess spent the total of RM70++ only for 6 tickets!! Well, it can be cheaper as the princess used credit card for JB flight and the AA charge RM8 per trip for the convenience fee. So everyone, when buying tickets from AA, use either online banking or debit card to save the RM8 per trip. Or just spend the RM8 if you think RM8 is just a little amount (@@)

As you can see from the picture the Kl - Tokyo tickets have already sold out just on the first day of the promotion! Why? Cause it just cost us RM25.10 per trip! Yes! Just RM25.10~ (>.<) Princess missed the chance as she longing to go to Japan!!!

Gah! That's all for the blas. Have you bought your tickets?

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