Friday, May 06, 2011

I was browsing through the Chinese newspaper days ago, and found an article which titles:

6÷2(1+2) = ??

As a Mathematics major student, the princess started to calculating it in mind and she got 1 as her answer. Without reading more she went to work and when she was back from work that day, she saw the same related news in Facebook. The curiousness increases and therefore she watched that short clip saying that the answer for the mathematical question was 9 instead of 1! Having doubts, she shared the video on her Facebook and she received lotsa feedback:

Some of the feedbacks and proofs by princess's friends~

Clarified also by the princess's mathematical logic's lecturer~

So, actually the answer should be 1 as you got some proofs and explanation from above. Here's a simple explanation from the princess. First of all, you just need to understand and know the order of operations, which are:
  • terms inside parenthesis (meaning the bracket)
  • exponents and roots
  • multiplication and division
  • addition and subtraction
The operator higher on the list above should be applied first. So, now let's solve the equation:

Terms inside parenthesis applied first - (1+2) = 3
Again, terms inside parenthesis applied first - 6÷2(3) = 6÷6 = 1

There you are, a simple example. Actually if you calculate using scientific calculator, you'll get 1 as the answer too! Guess I needa be more confident in my answer since I'm a maths major student. Hahahaha! For more explanation can refer to this web.

Just a short little update! Take care everyone!

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