May 2011

Friday, June 03, 2011

Starting of June, reviewing how princess spending her lively May. Altogether in this lively post (and also showing how lazy the princess was by squeezing altogether in just A post! ==")

Starting with the surprise trip back to lovely home sweet hometown, Miri, with the prince....

Enjoying in Miri, going to different places.. Lambir National Park and to Brunei... And not forgetting the early celebration of Mother's Day where the prince bought the cake and the princess gave aprons as Mother's Day gift....

Enjoying the delicacies in Miri and also Escapade in Brunei... sushi-s, seafoods, dad's cook...
Yummy Yummy....

Back in Kuching celebrating Mother's Day with Prince's mummy~

Celebrating Tony's 24th Birthday!!

Spending time with prince and his friends at Damai beach.. Loving the sun and the sea but not the sun.. Hot!

Spending time playing Patapon 3 with better quality of sounds and also the image.. Now still playing as the princess got stuck in the middle of the game >.<

Watched Pirates of the Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides.
Nice and funny movie. Never disappoints the princess. Worth a watch!

And finally got to watch Burlesque, starring Cher and the hot and sexy Christina Aguilera. Intro by a friend of princess saying that it was nice. And yeah!! It was really nice for those of you who love to watch musical movie. Something much nicer than Moulin Rouge.

Guess that's should be it. The whole May in this not too long nor too short post. Hehehe. Ending this post with one of the song in Burlesque, Tough Lover.

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