Saying it Proudly

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Proudly to say that.......


Wakakaka! Yeah Yeah Yeah~ Finally done typing this and that for all the chapters. Just done the paperwork. But not completely done yet! As in, I just roughly type all these chapters. Now for re-edit and some improvements! And now I need to think of a SUITABLE title for my fyp. This is what I'm doing recently since the assignments and homeworks are still a little bit only! =)

Well, Chinese New Year is approaching. Less than a month now. Have you all started shopping for it? For me, I started and almost done buying everything that I want. Just lefts some accessories and additional stuffs. ^^ Looking forward for this year's Chinese New Year!!!

Oh ya! Back to my fyp. I really thank GOD. Why? Hm... Er... Ah... It's like this... The other day I was meeting with my supervisor and discussing on my fyp. Then he suddenly told me to must keep all my analysis cause after everything has done, he'll start thinking about the publication for my work. I was like: "Huh? HUH!!! PUBLICATION!!" Wah... But I think is just MAYBE only lar... Well, at least the satisfaction was there! Wakakakka... Ok lah.. That's all for now readers. Take care everyone!

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