Red Eye Attack

Saturday, January 09, 2010

The attack of the RED EYE!!!!! Oh my~ I guess is the one of the few times i got this eye. And I don't even know how I got it!!! Woke up felt weird about my eyes, then look in the mirror and saw an stupid girl with one pair of big small eyes!!!!

This picture is already alot better than the first sight I saw my eyes!!

Haiz~ Hope it returns to normal soon! The final semester just started and for now, is still okay. At least for now, with only one assignment and my final year project need to be done~ Hahaha~ Guess that's all for now.

Oh before that, the crisis of the 'Allah' thing is so keraziii!!! I just can't believe that people will burned down 3 churches~ Haiz.... Nothing to comment as this issue is too sensitive to touch on. Chaozzz people~

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