Thursday, December 10, 2009

Are you in a mood for Christmas yet? Do you still remember the meaning of Christmas?

Although the pampered princess here is having her semester break now, but it seems not a semester break for her. Haiz~ Still got lotsa schedule to follow up. Although done JLPT, now final year project again. Need re-edit, update, analyse bla bla bla~

Still, in the middle of the busy-ness, did spent some time going out and enjoy. For example? Hm.... Did another small BBQ, sang k, and also.... watched Y2J, 神木与瞳, and Evan Yo, 蔡旻佑, LIVE in 1B!!!! Wohooo... Will update alot more about that with many pictures and videos!!! ^^ Stay tuned for that ya?

Btw, Michael Learns To Rock is coming to KK! And will having their performance live in UMS!!! But... sad thing is that the tickets are so expensive. Too bad. =\

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