End of First Half Year

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Officially declared that it's the end of the first half of my final year! This first half year was indeed a very hard one to went through! Stacks of non stop stuffs finally has come for a short pause. Gonna spent some weeks days for me to relax my mind before I proceed to my final year project, JLPT 3, and also the industrial training application. The most important 3 things that need to be done before 2010!

Thanks to the busy-ness, pressures, and the laziness from me which resulting this blog seems to be almost dead and the traffic has been decreasing like what! Shiet! Hope I can spend some time to increase the traffic! Well, I so really hoping the laziness will get away from me in order to update my recent activities or should I say, the whole life of my this semester. Hahahaha~

That's should be it for now. Just a short update. ^^

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