Thursday, November 05, 2009

Suddenly everything came into my mind which distracted me studying for my Friday's macroeconomy. Looking back whole of this semester, felt like everything changed. Is it because this semester everyone are too busy which causes all of these things to happened? I don't really know about this. Being ignored, neglected is not fun at all. Imagine you used to have a bunch of friends which hangs out together, discuss about studies, sharing knowledge and exchange past year papers and help each other in homeworks and assignments. But this semester, you see this thing happened less and less. People rather to keep quiet, avoiding each other, doing their own thing. When there's something happened, people will still share information with each other but not you. You'll be the only one who don't know what happen, when is it exactly happened till you found out when it is too late.

Take this as an example, there was a sudden cancellation on some particular lectures where friends and coursemates will pass around sms to tell everyone that the class is canceled and there's no need for us to go for class. But being the I-don't-know-anything-at-all person, you came to the class, found out that there's nobody, then you'll start to ask and call then realised there's no class and none of them went for the class. Shiet! Being fooled or what?

Take another thing as an example, you used to wake up earlier than before for the days of final papers. But there's sure will be one day you overslept and what will happened when your alarm don't know what happened, everyone went to get ready for the finals and you're still on your bed where no one contact you asking where or what are you doing? Then when there's finally a call, you rushed like a stupid person going for the finals and when you reached there, people start to ask I was about to call you, bla bla bla... Shiet!! Well, correct me if I'm wrong. But I know is none of people's business whether you're overslept, didn't get to sat for the finals or what? But is it everyone's heart is so cold eh? Don't know how to continue....

Take the last thing for an example, you was about to sit for a final paper. Everyone was waiting outside studying, memorising etc. Where you were looking for one of your friend cause she wasn't there yet. You asked some other friends does she knows where's the location etc. and was clarified that that particular friend knew about it. Finally, she appears and when you was looking at her and was about to talked to her, saying "finally you're here, why so... late?" And by that time, she was like treating you like a stupid person don't know talking to who, or maybe a glass or even a ghost, just walk passed you, as if you're talking to the air. Shiet!

Everything was in my mind now. Is it cause everything has totally changed huh? Or is it because of the busy-ness which results everyone to have some changes in their mood? Friends told me I was so stressed out lately, and I totally admit that I am! I'm so worry I'm really stressed out till I can be crazy in the end. Shiet! Why final year is still so darn stress out although you done your final year project early. Sien!

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