Saturday, October 03, 2009

Still pissed off with the recent stuffs. One shietty final is coming next tues and I really can doubt that no matter how many efforts I put into the final, I'm very 100% the most I can get is a grade C and if there's a chance or any luck for me to get that kind of grade! Shiet! Dislike that subject due to the lecturer who never teaches and only tells life stories everytime. The lecturer who gives stacks of assignments yet those marks didn't really help much in increasing the grades. The lecturer who tells him this and then tells her that. Shiet!! I just really hope I didn't get to fail that subject!

Allow me to spew all these cause I'm really very pissed off right now! Shiet! Shiet! Shiet! But no matter how pissed off I am now, the elders won't understand this kind of feeling. Shiet! Just hope for an encouragement from them specially on the decision that I'd made but I guess it seems is impossible! They'll still critise and complaining behind as if their children has no feelings. Shiet!

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