Saturday, October 17, 2009

Well, sorry for the long no updates due to still got so many things need to deal with. Till now, still got 3 assignments, presentation trial and the real presentation for fyp, and also final needs to deal with. (>.<) See how busy the pampered can be?

More updates on the recent lifestyle and here I will like to spew again those unsatisfactory and all those. As human, we do make mistakes. I admit myself loves to complaining this and that. But some people seems love to complaining here and there while never look at themselves first before saying others.

Some people seems to take things for granted. As we all know, students are still students. You're still studying, getting loans or money from family to study. Well, to earn money I know is really not easy and I know how much effort and hardwork been put in to earn more just to have a better lifestyle. But as a child and even a student, we need to spent it wisely. Don't try to waste money like water like that as if like money can drop from the sky. If you're that rich you won't be studying in local uni already rite? For me, I'm not that poor nor that rich. But I know money is hard to earn. But seems some people don't understands and not really appreciating it. People complaining to me how they can waste the utensils just like that eventhough they're not using it? Haiz....

Another example. People loves to say your voice are loud or something. Being loud or noisy once in a while is okay, but what happen if people behaving that constantly? Received some disastisfaction from some people for saying people are too noisy all the time. Seems not tolerating I see. People might not be as free as you. People can be busy till there's really no time to keep playing here and there. But what I know when people is very busy, silence is really needed. Really can't imagine if I'm that busy yet others keep noisy-ing around us. Seems distracted and annoying and felt can't concentrate rite? Hm... pity..

Everyone loves clean and hygenic stuffs. Same as me too. But sometimes being lazy and pampered princess will have the lazy times to clean too. People loves to complain when this and that things are dirty, but never appreciate when the things are cleaned. If we made things dirty, automaticly will clean it by ourselves right? But why some people loves to complain when the things are dirty, yet never look at themselves whether did they cleaned things when the things are dirty. Listened to people complaining this and that thing is dirty and cleaned the things. But others will start to not appreciating it and started to dirty the things again. (>.<) People will tends to feel annoyed right if the hardwork you put to clean and just been dirty by others in just a glance. Well, if the people knows how to clean it still okay. But what if it happens in another way round? Sit there complaining and doing nothing? Or just glup the complaining and clean again? Or call that particular person to clean it when the things become dirty?

Sheesh. I'll never got burn if there's no one start to light up the fire. Why people loves to complaining? Asking myself this question also. Why I got so many disatisfaction. People loves to backstabbing and complaining behind me yet I just let them saying that while showing out my disatisfaction in here and sharing it with friends. People hate backstabbers yet backstabbing others. People are not really that hygenic yet say people are not hygenic. People hate liars yet love to pretend in front of others.

Grrrr..... Continue with my assignments now. End! Fish, I updated at least~ Hahaha!

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  • Blog hopper
    Thursday, October 29, 2009 3:03:00 PM  

    I think you're one funny girl. You tried so hard to complaint just to protect yourself. Regarding the utensils part, don't you think you're a little to busy body to actually mind how ppl use it? And after all, I don't really understand what's your post meaning.

    And you update purposely to complaint.

  • xinying
    Thursday, October 29, 2009 8:31:00 PM  

    pls don't try to judge me if you dun understand the condition. We're using the same utensils and do you think should I mind or not since I'm part of the owner?

    And do you think you're to busy body to judge people by looking at the post only? Stop saying people if you don't know what's the condition.

  • Lee Yee
    Friday, October 30, 2009 10:48:00 AM  

    cool down haha... i think i quite agreed the second last paragraph. hahaha..

    i have one suggestion can you close the music things? it is very annoying i can't find the mute button. or you can put more songs in there? so tat i dun hav to keep listen to the same song over and over again. thanks.

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