Saturday, August 01, 2009

I guess people do read my blog. And there's seems to happened that some particular person had just misunderstand on what I'm trying to say here. I know and I can see who is the one cabling, who is the one who loves to download, who likes to streaming and PPS-ing. FYI, I'm not the only one who is PPS-ing. Just that someone did not understand the whole condition and now misunderstands me. And mind here and for the previous post, I'm not saying about the only one. I'm talking about alot of people here. I know who is the one that most of the time making the connection so lag which makes everyone hardly to online. I know who is the one who keeps downloading but when sometimes people asked them, they don't admit.

I din blame the particular you alone for cabling but it seems that people really do misunderstands on what I really write. I do know sometimes I'm partly wrong. I'm sorry for my badly communication error here which makes people misunderstands. I'm just trying to voice out what I felt in my little on corner. I do understands why he really mad about him due to the connection problem, but it seems like not much people knew about it. Why? To avoid conflict.

That's why I'm voicing it out here to at least release sth that I knew but there's no where to spew. But it seems, somebody misinterpret the thing I want to say here. Sorry for the misinterpretation and misunderstanding here.

Gonna be a happy day. ^^ Can't wait~

updated: before saying ppl backstabbing, I'm here to say that I'm just expressing my feelings out here... And can you really dare to admit that you didn't backstab people around you? I got proved and please do think really again before you said anything... I hate backstabbers but I'm still a human, I don't even dare to say that I never acuse someone before... I'm not acting something in a coward way.. Just that this is my place and I'm free to express what I felt... Why dun say it out? To prevent unecessary things that what the guys had did for the whole sems as I can see.... End of story~

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